Just when it seemed that some progress is being made, the PCSO seemed bound and determined to tell the press that that is not the case. I am sure that the PCSO hates the press. They know that we can help, but we are way smarter than they give us credit for. Feed us a morsel, we will find the entire meal, and we operate quickly! Not only will we find the chef, we will find the store where the ingredients were purchased from!

It should come as no big surprise that the Putnam County PD give all of us press types a very wide berth. Nothing good ever happens! At least in their eyes! Occasionally we do get information, it is sporadic at best, but at least it is information of one sort of another.

Todays excitement has to be this press release that had me yawning all the way to the couch…

September 28, 2009

The following is being sent out for information only because we have received severalinquiries. Information has been available on-line that Kristina Prevatt has sent a second letter, while incarcerated in the Putnam County Jail, telling of her interview with Sheriff’s Office detectives.

The second letter concerns the same information Ms. Prevatt referenced in her first letter which was made public last week. She writes about being interviewed by detectives, and that part is true. I cannot verify the truthfulnessof anything else in the letter. No leads were developed as a result of the letters, but rather the letters are the result of detectives interviewing her about leads they had followed up on.

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office did not distribute the letters, and do not have copies available for distribution.

Captain Dick Schauland
(Typos are not mine!)

In fact, it is not clear to me that anyone in the PCSO actually talks to anyone else in the department!

The Keystone Putnam cops seem to be breaking their legs tripping over each other!

Our illustrious Captain went on to release this gem:

September 28, 2009

Last Wednesday (09/23/09) an unidentified woman stopped at the offices of the St. Augustine Record and dropped off a letter containing a tip as to the whereabouts of missing Haleigh Cummings. Detectives determined that the information in the letter needed further clarification, and Friday the video of the woman arriving at the St. Augustine Record was distributed to the media. The woman learned that the Sheriff’s Office’s needed to talk to her, and came to the Sheriff’s Office Friday afternoon.

The letter contained information about a possible burial site for Haleigh Cummings, the six year old girl reported missing from Satsuma, Florida. Detectives thoroughly followed up on the information provided, but the tip did not lead to Haleigh. This tip, as have the other more than 4,000 received in this case, has thus far not led to the recovery of Haleigh.

The woman who delivered the tip informed detectives that she was a messenger delivering the information for someone else. Her name, as well as the location of the burial site, is not being released.

Captain Dick Schauland

I shake my head. This is all old news. It was a fellow news wag that remarked “Schauland” has come out of retirement more times than Michael Jordan.”

Does any of this ‘information’ out of PCSO help? NO NO NO. Dick, I am sure that you are a nice guy and your intentions are good but, you are backing a loser on this one. The two Nay Nay letters have a great amount of credibility. They are not the begging letters that you would have us believe.

To try and tell us that the draining of the “L” pond was coincidental, makes me fall over laughing. The fact that the letter hit in the right date frame, “It had nothing to do with it”.

I am a firm believer in BS, I know lots about it, and I know when I see it. There is more BS emanating from Putnam County that the average nose could handle.

I guess what bothers me most is the fact that all of the ‘talking heads’ in LE are our news source. I can not say that we in the press can solve this case, but, we are your friends, not your enemies.

Dick Schauland should take a long hard look at what is going on in Putnam County. Being the fall guy for the PCSO seems a bad way to enjoy your retirement.

Simon Barrett

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