The fall out from the Cobra debacle is just starting. BNN now has a copy of Daniel Snodgrass’s deposition. The quality of the pdf is horrible, and we are trying to enhance it. There was a section early in the depo that caught my attention. Cobra’s involvement started on the 20th. But read this little slice of heaven

Questions (Q) are from attorney Donald Holmes, and Answers (A) are from Daniel Snodgrass.

Holmes asks the question of when Snodgrass first had contact with Cobra, the answer goes off in an interesting tangent.

Q) All right. Prior to march 20th had you any contact with Mr. Staubs?

A) Well it all started on March 17th ,Tuesday, I was trying to be a nice guy, and went to the Haleigh Cummings headquarters and offered them furniture that I had at the house. I was just trying to eliminate and get rid of my stuff and junk, and I had a bunch of desks and office furniture to – to donate to the cause.

And Jeremiah Raegan was there, and some guy from the press, newspaper, Orlando was there, and I told him I had some stuff to donate. And he said OK.

And the I says well, have you got somebody to help you, because they are heavy desks? And he says well wait a minute and I will call someone. And he calls Art Harris – which I didn’t know at the time who this guy – neither of these guys were – so him and Art Harris come over to my house.

Q) Him –

A) – probably – Jeramiah Raegan and Art Harris came over to my house, and started looking at the furniture and stuff like that, and said, well we don’t know if we can take it.

And the started asking me questions about my case. And I said what – what has this got to do with my case, I am just trying to donate, and help out this cause. And he starts filming – had a camera filming me. And I told him –

Q) Who is Jeramiah Regan? I don’t know him?

A) He’s the head guy that was the head coordinator for the Haleigh Cummings headquarters.

Q) He’s not law enforcement?

A) No. He’s just a – matter of fact’ I guess the FBI is checking on him about some weird stuff happening there, all of them. And so they came to my house and started filming. And I told him –

Q) How did they know who you were?

A) That’s – soon as I said my name to the – Raegan, he knew exactly who I – he had heard about it, because of my case – he goes I know who that guy is. And he kind of set me up with this CNN guy from – Art Harris. And he came over trying to film my place, and everything, and ask me questions, and me and my buddy, Marty, that lived with me at the time – Marty Reid – which was supposed to had been doing a deposition this morning.

He – I told him after he started filming take – I told him to get off my property. And he started acting smart, and he got in my – they got – practically ran into the car.

I said I am going to call the police if you don’t leave, and put that camera away, and everything.

And then he asked – said something smart. He goes Oh, is that the limo you pick up little kids in? Smart-alec. And then –

Q) Who said that?

A) Art Harris.

And I said get the hell off my property

Excuse my French but that is how I put it.

Do not get me wrong, I want to see Snodgrass behind bars, he is accused of raping a 9 year old child. If this is true he deserves to suffer the worst punishment available. The tall Oak tree and a length of rope would be my choice. Rather this little exert from the deposition reveals the bald truth about what people will do to get on the TV.

Simon Barrett

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