I will be the first to admit that I get the strangest emails. People offer me millions of dollars every day. I tend to refuse the offers sent, preferring that they extend this largess to someone else. I also am bombarded by calls about my credit card rate, and how it can reduce it, there is another company that wants me to renew my car warranty. While I love the fact that these caring people are looking after my well being, I say Bull Shit! I am a big boy, I can look after myself.

When you start talking about an innocent 5 year old, some different rules kick into gear. Haleigh Cummings has been missing for more than three months. She seems to have just disappeared into thin air.

This makes for a strange story. Then Girlfriend (now wife) to father Ronald Cummings has told so many different versions of what happened that night that my head is still spinning. My investigation shows that she has been interviewed at least 10 times, and we have 10 different timelines.

Of course all of the major players, with the exception of Misty have lawyered up. Misty however says “only the guilty need a lawyer.” Nice sentiment, but one that I think she should think about.

I have some interesting insider information. Oh the joys of knowing people in low places.

Even the lawyers are now lawyered up! Why would they do that? If you are representing the best interests of the missing child, why do you need a lawyer of your own?

Should the lawyer I am talking about care to email me and explain the situation, I would be delighted to do so. From my perspective all I see it is bad stuff, and that is always an ugly position to come from. Who is working for who? Maybe even worse, what are the motivations?

Just like the Caylee Anthony story, this sad story seems to be attracting the same bad dudes.

I am going to bet that the two bit crooks running Kidfinders, and the much more serious hoods from The Never Leave Hope Foundation are sucking them into their story.

Where the Anthony family goes, these sleaze bags are not far behind.

Oh, we have lots of leads, we have lots of friends, and as we get more information we will publish what we can. This may not be directly linked to the story, but, there are some interesting stories doing the rounds! We are on them, and if my info is right, there are a couple of attorneys that might want to put in an application at McDonalds, if nothing else they might be able to get the old cooking oil!

Update: It looks like this little op-ed piece has caused a bit of a stir. My sources are telling me that text messages are flying around Florida like a plague if locusts.

Simon Barrett

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