We have received news from Ms. Pickles and TJ Hart about a serious development in the search for missing Satsuma tot Haleigh Cummings. Law Enforcement have converged on Marie Griffis’ 30 acre hay farm in neighboring Baker County. According to on the ground reports confirmed by News 4 out of Jacksonville to TJ Hart, there are 43 police officers involved in this search. There is also a nearby pond and at least one diver is involved in searching it. For those of you not familiar with the name Marie Griffis she is Haleigh Cumming’s grandmother, and Crystal Shefield is her daughter. This is also the new location for the Haleigh Bug center.

This seems like a very serious search, cadaver dogs are on site, as is a bulldozer. Apparently a number of horses were buried on the property a couple of months ago, and police want to make sure that among the bones are no human remains.

The investigators are also videotaping areas of the property, and searching under some structures.

It is not clear exactly what has precipitated this search but it is speculated that it is as a result of a tip.

Investigators have checked this area previously, however they are claiming that the first search was merely a quick look.

One of the issues with this case has been the lack of perceived movement by law enforcement for several weeks resulting in the main stream press losing interest. Let us hope that this show of force will once again rekindle the search for Haleigh Cummings.

I am hoping for a further update from TJ Hart (The Sky 97.3) later this afternoon.

What is interesting about this development is that with the family dynamics that are in play, it certainly takes the heat off Ron Cummings and his teen bride Misty Croslin.

More updates, as soon as we get them, stay tuned.

Update: 06/26 13:15 – From TJ Hart

I called Crystal Sheffield’s attorney Kim Picazio for a statement. Picazio would only say that search was conducted at the request of Crystal’s family members.

WSKY has confirmed that investigators are digging on the property, cadaver dogs are on site and a pond is being searched by diver.

So far, the only thing searches have uncovered is the decomposing body of a dead horse.

Simon Barrett

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