We actually were expecting some sound files of Donna Brock to be released. That did not happen. Sources close to the investigation are telling us that her phone conversations are still being redacted. Hmmm ones has to wonder what those redactions might be.

However we did get two audio files of a rather upset Ronald Cummings. In the first tape it is not clear who he is talking to. But there are lots of great sound bites. Could this be the new ‘stripper’ girlfriend?

In the second call he is talking to his grandmother Annette Sykes.

Once again the word redaction goes through my mind. It is clear that all of then have been redacted, and one wonders what the edited material said?

Even stranger, In tape one we have Ronald making comments that just blow my mind. When asked about the Jail phone system and why it is so expensive he offers this great response:

Usually I make one free call and I am out, bonded out, but not this time.

Whoever Ronald was chatting with wanted to know about the current jail phone system. He goes on to explain that each call costs almost $10. Hell at that markup rate I want to start offering phone service to my local Jail. I am thinking of offering free long distance $1 a call, and I would still be making lots of money.

Ronald goes on to ask this unknown caller (could it be his new flame the exotic dancer?)

Can you call my mother?

In a rare show of concern Ron explains that he does not want to “burn up all your money”.
Money becomes another big factor as Ron goes on to explain about how his commissary money followed him from Flaggler, however his mail is still trying to catch up.

Not done with his whining he comes out with a comment that likely will upset a percentage of the jail population:

I am in a pod with a bunch of Stinking Mother F*****g N*****s

I suspect that Ron needs to stay in isolation while vacationing in the Putnam County motel. His comments have likely rebounded on him, and there is little doubt that there are one or two people that would like to talk to him.

According to Ron he is locked in his cell for all but 15 mins per day. During that 15 minutes he is free to have a shower and make a phone call. In a great way to endear himself to the staff he refers to them as ‘pecker heads’. I am sure that the ‘pecker heads’ have listened to this conversation, bad move Ron!

I could go on and on about this call, but I will not. Listen for yourself. The link is here.

Simon Barrett

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