I watched the Nancy Grace program on HLN tonight. What a waste of time. We got to hear the 911 call for the three hundredth time. Having eaten up the game clock Nancy then regaled us with the “BOMBSHELL” about Tommy Croslin being arrested and held on a $50k bond. Yawn, and also very old news. With these two pieces of idiocy Nancy wasted almost 20 minutes of air time.

Then we get a whopping 30 second interview (old) with Ronald Cummings, it was another ‘Miss Nancy’ special!

From the archive we get a couple of vintage minutes of video coverage from inside the trailer.

Back to brother Tommy for a few minutes, and drivel about old news and the fact that that he admitted (in order to get his bail reduced) that he went to the trailer that night and was of the opinion that no one was home. Nancy refers to this as a confession! Oh my!

Then back to an ancient interview with Ronald ‘Miss Nancy’ Cummings. OK now the game clock is at 40 minutes and we have heard nothing that is not at least a week old, in fact most of it is months old!

Next some video of Teresa Neves talking about the jail house letter (first one) from Nay Nay. More yawn inducing stuff.

At the 46 minute mark Miss Nancy moves onto Misty and her latest failed Polygraph! At the 48 minute mark we get more canned video, this time from Crystal Shefield.

At the 51 minute mark I was becoming comatose. If I want old news I can get it at my local library, they keep copies of the newspapers for many years.

So, here is the question. What was the purpose of the Nancy Grace show tonight? It certainly had nothing to do with news. Although I guess that we should be glad for small miracles, at least she wasn’t hyping up her less than brilliant book, and we did not have to put up with the mind numbing photo album of her kids.

I know why one regular guest bowed out of the show, but what happened to the rest? Today’s show was a delightful, and well executed piece of video editing, and the technicians are to be congratulated. But I ask why? Why was this drivel fed to us in prime time?

I do actually have a couple of ideas, but I think I will keep them to myself for the time being.

Simon Barrett

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