It would seem that we are about to be inundated with new material from the St Johns authorities about two of the players in the Haleigh Cummings case. St Johns media contact Sgt Charles (Chuck) Mulligan sent the following email out to press organizations this morning:

We will have video footage of M. Cummings and H. Croslin available tomorrow morning.  These videos span between February 17th thru March 4th.  There are 4 DVD’s per set.  Please respond by email if you wish to pickup the set, as we want to have the proper number of copies made without overages (one response per entity please so we are not creating several copies for your organization).   They are still $5 per DVD.   We should have some prepared for you by 9:00 a.m…

I guess it is going to be a busy weekend for the press, 8 DVD’s represents many hours of recordings.

I also believe that there is a typo in the email, it should read M. Croslin and H. Croslin, unless there has been a secret behind bars wedding. Now that would be an interesting turn of events!

It is unknown at this time if these DVD’s contain anything of interest. Even Tommy and Misty Croslin seen to have caught on to the fact that their conversations are being recorded and not quite so prone to slipping up as they were in the early tapes.

I am going to try and get a set of the DVD’s for Blogger News Network and I am working on arranging a pick-up and upload of the data.

What I do find interesting is that while the authorities seem to be happy to release tapes of Misty Croslin and Tommy Croslin they are not so open with Hope Sykes, Ronald Cummings or Donna Brock. I wonder why that is?

Speculation surfaced last week about Misty failing yet another polygraph, these jail tapes cover the period when this was ‘supposed’ to have happened. It will be interesting so see if any mention of this event is made.

Simon Barrett

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