I think I have just witnessed a remake of Irwin Wallace’s opus The Almighty. In 1972 Wallace released The Almighty, it was a best seller, and a book that deserves reading today. The premise behind the book is that a newspaper publisher needs to increase circulation and profits. His solution is to ‘create’ the news. Robberies, murders, terrorism, he did it all.

The Almighty was just a work of fiction. A great book, but none the less a work of fiction. I start to get a little worried when I see The Almighty start to take root in real life. There is no question that the press are biased. They always have been, they likely always will be.

This DVD has us really wondering about the Haleigh Cummings story, and what the real story might be. There are four files involved, but to understand my reference to The Almighty listen to the start of the file two.

Some ‘news’ outlets seem to specialize in taking information out of context. The ‘slice and dice’ of information is quite appalling. Here are the real files, unedited, from DVD 4.

Tommy One

Tommy Two

Tommy Three

Tommy Four

I have just wasted a huge amount of time watching The Almighty at full speed. It is for that reason that we never ‘slice and dice’ tapes. It is easy to take things out of context.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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