This is another jail house tape between Misty Croslin and her father Hank Croslin.  Misty is claiming her innocence, and also now declaring that the ‘Cuz Joe did it’ came to her in a dream.

Hank Croslin makes the interesting observation that Ronald Cummings should never have had custody of the children in the first place.

There are also references to the now infamous Misty letter, Hank admonishes Misty for writing it in the first place.

There are also some references to Lisa Croslin and her problems. Husband Hank is not sure that it is worth her doing the community service or paying the current fines, because she is likely going to end up in jail anyway because of the new charges. “Might as well just let her do time for it all”. Oh what a loving husband.

Quote of the day from Hank:

Crooked ass cops

Nancy Grace also takes a bit of a beating in this exchange.

You can watch the conversation here.

Simon Barrett

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