The more I look at the file that was released  concerning the dismissal of the bar complaint that Crystal Sheffield and Marie Griffis brought against attorney Kim Picazio the more interesting I find it. I see specks of gold everywhere.

One aspect that comes over loud and clear is Kim Picazio’s views on Marie Griffis. Clearly Kim Picazio and Marie did not see eye to eye. I am no fan of Kim Picazio, and those of you that know me, know that is true. At no point though have I ever doubted her capability in the lawyering business, it is stinky and dirty. Lets face it, I’d rather be the ‘smell man’ for Mike Rowe on the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs than be a lawyer!

Kim and I have had a couple of ‘set to’s’ I think to say we agree to disagree would sum it up quite well.

Much of the search for Haleigh Cummings has been tainted by what we love to call ‘media whores’. Oh they can be bought by the pound! Some ‘Media Whores’ are in it for the money, some are just looking for fame, some are members of the media themselves, burning the candle at both ends.

However, I will put aside my personal opinions concerning Ms Picazio. While delving into the now public records of the Bar complaint some very interesting observations about Marie Griffis come to light. Picazio says:

Marie had close friends who leaked confidential information about the status of the investigation, and  Crystal’s lifestyle, on various “blog forums”. The executed Statement by Karen Devine-Spruill,  Moderator of Websleuths Crime Forum, gives specific data and information on Ms. Griffis’ blogging  activities, and those of Maries’ close friend, Diana White. These activities severely hampered my role  as media spokesperson to Crystal, as the flow of information was not able to be controlled. Release of  information needed to be accomplished strategically, and methodically. On several occasions, I  admonished Marie, and her friends and family, in writing, to cease blogging and leaking information  on the internet.

I could make a comment on the timely release of information, but I am sure you have all read this earlier article.

A fine example of Media Whoring is:

Marie Griffis sought media attention whenever possible. On several occasions, media figures wanted  to interview me and Crystal, but Marie Griffis stepped in to intercept the interview for herself. This was done on more than one occasion.

Of course this fell on barren ground, one email that I found says:

 From: Kim Picazio [mailto:kim@xxxxxxx]
Sent: Monday, April 13, 200911:36 PM
To: Marie Griffis (mar_griff@xxxxxx); Crystal Sheffield  (creepsheffield@xxxxxx)
Subject: War of Words – Action News Jacksonville
Please see media link below. Debbie Townsend, named as “family friend” made a statement to the media,   claiming the Sheriffs office have no concrete leads… No one may make any statements to the media as a  family friend. It is very important. Further, this statement is completely untrue, and pisses off the Sheriffs office. Unless they’ve cleared the info with me, we must urge all of your friends and family not to make any   statements to media. I make very calculated statements. I don’t need a source close with the family mucking up the Sheffield camp’s positions on any issue. Please – no statements, no blogs.

How many times has Marie Griffis been on the Nancy Grace show? More importantly, has she ever said anything useful? The answer to that one is a resounding NO. She has offered about as much useful information as Ron “Miss Nancy” Cummings.

There are way too many ‘media whores’ in this sad tale. Ron and Misty had their honeymoon in New York paid by the media. When Marie appears on the Nancy Grace show she is in Jacksonville, picked up by a limo, tab paid by CNN. Although rumor has it that the mini bar in the CNN responser limo’s are not well stocked, it must feel good to be the center of attention.

The Bar complaint has many interesting aspects to it, and even though Kim Picazio and I may not see eye to eye on many subjects, she certainly has done a fine job of shredding her former friends and client.

Oh what a tangled web we weave.

Meanwhile, where is Haleigh Cummings? Ronald Cummings, Misty Croslin, Kim Picazio, Art Harris, and the rest of them, they do not matter, where is the little girl? I don’t give a damn how much Art was paid, thats his problem. I don’t give a damn what Ronald Cummings and his babysitter/wife/ex wife or whatever Misty Croslin calls herself this week do, they have done nothing useful to find the missing child. I don’t care that Marie likes the limo drive to and from Jacksonville. Where the hell is Haleigh Cummings? That is the only thing I care about!

I guess there is some good news, although it really offers scant succor. Some people that have profited from the case, monetarily or fame wise are being hauled onto the carpet. It is about time! I know that some people will try to pin the same on myself and my wife. Well folks, we have not benefited by one cent. If we cover a story, or do not cover a story, it matters not one iota. We cover stories because we want to. Sure, ratings are important, but to be quite honest, we could get better ratings by following other stories. So go figure!

Simon Barrett

Update: We have some hot, hot news, we just found out who the poster Truthteller is……

More later, but this is getting very interesting.

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