There are many that would agree with that statement. As the calendar moves forward, the plight of Haleigh Cummings seems to move backward. The story that was covered ‘wall to wall’ by CNN and HLN has lost its luster. What used to be front page, alas now does not seem to even warrant a mention anywhere in the program or periodical.

Lots of people have tried their best to find the little girl. I am sure that most had good hearts, and good intentions, but few have stayed the course. I personally do not much enjoy Nancy Grace, I think she is very rude to most of her guests, and panel for that matter. I also think that most of her news is ‘old’. That said, I do have to admire the woman for giving the air time to the Haleigh Cummings story that she did.

Haleigh Cummings has become a war of attrition. One by one I see the media focus become unfocused. My wife Jan, myself, and our good friend TJ Hart made a promise. We will not let this case rest until there is a resolution. And we are bound and determined to make that reality.

The past ten months have revealed some of the worst examples of humanity I can think of. The families involved, the Croslin’s, Cummings, Sheffield’s, and all the rest, have nothing to be proud of. Jeff Foxworthy uses his ‘Red Neck’ routine as comedy, these people seem to use it as a way of life. Well, it would be funny, except there is still a little girl missing.

The Police in the area have also come under fire, I know, because I have had them in my written gun sights more than once. My commentary was born out of frustration though, others have targeted them for darker reasons. It became very clear to me that they were doing everything they possibly could, and indeed can, to resolve this case. While they do not like to talk publicly, they do occassionaly share their feelings. I wrote an article some time ago, I was angry, I expressed my concern that the search for Haleigh Cummings was headed for the cold case file. It took mere minutes for an email to appear in my inbox from the folks in Putnam County. The message was a simple one “Not on my watch.”

The PCSO may not be the largest operation in the country, but they damn sure care.

Jan, TJ, and I have been following this story from day one. Someone, somewhere knows something. It is time to step forward. It is time to do the right thing.

I am convinced that all of the puzzle pieces are known, we just need to understand how the  key piece fits, show us where that key piece fits, and this can be solved.

If you are that person that holds the key, please call someone. Neither TJ nor I are after fame, call crimestoppers, call your local police, but call someone.

Simon Barrett

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