Sorry that we have to put these videos up in such a choppy fashion, but we have no choice. Both BNN and WSKY 97.3 have been working hard on this problem.

This is part two of the jail house visit between Tommy Croslin, His father Hank Croslin, and his wife Lindsay Croslin. In part one we heard Tommy tell Hank Croslin that Lindsay wrote a letter that said that Art  Harris was sticking up for him. Hank bowed out of the discussion and replies “I haven’t talked to Art Harris about you”.

In part two we have Tommy talking to his wife Lindsay, interestingly enough, Art Harris also gets a mention. One wonders why Tommy is so fascinated by what Art Harris has to say?

Tommy is also concerned that Lindsay is about to get a tax refund, she needs to keep it to enable her to post bond for him. Doh, that is not going to work! He is on a ‘no bond’ hold!

The interaction between Tommy and Lindsay is interesting, and well worth a watch and listen.

We seem to be having some technical issues, but here is the embedded video:

If that does not work, try this link.As I have said before, none of this will directly help us to find Haleigh Cummings, but they offer a really fine example of the family.

Simon Barrett

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