If you pick up your average dictionary and look up the word ‘spin’ the definitions talk about revolving over an axis. As a kid I had a gyroscope, it was a wonderful toy, it mattered not where you put it, if it was spinning it would stay there. Of course after a while the spinning disc would slow down. This magic toy would eventually fall over. As it lost momentum it also lost the ability to remain upright, it would wobble around, and finally fall to the ground.

In today’s world ‘spin’ has an additional definition. It is how you ‘spin’ a story. How you can maximize the good, and minimize the bad. There is little doubt in my mind that the finest example of ‘spin’ comes from the oil spill in The Gulf Of Mexico. Official ‘Spin’ tells us that 75% of the oil has gone. Scientists claim that 75% is still in the water? Who is right?

The answer is, I don’t know.

The Haleigh Cummings case has become that same gyroscope. In some ways it is amusing. In other ways I am appalled!

The press is just as polarized. Most of us try and remain a neutral stance. We at BNN may not always be right, but we do try our very best to tell the story as it is being told to us by people on the street.

Our flag is that we tell the truth! I have been watching many other situations engineered by the press. A fine example is Nancy Grace and her favorite nephew Art Harris. Nancy faces a very serious court case on November 1, was she responsible for a woman taking her own life as a direct result of an on air interview?

Nancy Grace’s favorite (press) nephew is in even deeper trouble. I have thousands of pages of court documents. But here are just a couple.

AH One

AH Two

The question becomes one of money. Does the Bald Truth report as an independent reporter, or is he a hired gun? What does the term ‘Media Consultant’ mean?

Does this mean that you are independent?

Even Kim Picazio (well known lawyer for the folks with no money) claimed that Art Harris was the Media Consultant for Crystal Sheffield. If he was not, Kim Picazio lied in a court document.

Kim and I do not see eye to eye, there are few people that would argue that point. However she seems bound and determined to reinsert herself into a case that she has no place in.

Who is she representing this time?


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