I have given this some considerable thought. When push comes to shove, I really don’t give a damn what is thrown at me, I do however get very concerned when people start picking on my wife. As a result I have decided to stop reporting on the Haleigh Cummings case. It has become such a polarized case that it does not matter what is reported, some idiot will still attack us. If we earned the big bucks that people accuse us of, I might shrug it off. However this case represents no revenue and just a whole lot of aggravation.

I have not discussed this decision with Jan, if she wishes to continue with this case, that is her choice. I am so fed up with the whole nonsense that I cannot even be bothered to write an article about some documents supposedly purporting to a foreclosure involving a $million dollar property that a well known lawyer involved in the case apparently is intimately involved with. It just does not matter. I don’t care where she lives.

The justice system is coming down hard on those that they clearly suspect in the case, while I would be far happier knowing that they were behind bars for murder, I take solace in the fact that at least they are behind bars for something. Lets face it, 15 years is a long time. Many killers do not score 15 years! If they all score this magic number could we agree that justice, in a strange way has been meted out?

I have no doubt that this article will be lauded as a victory to the folks that have not agreed with my coverage. Their victory is a hollow one, it will take a few hours before they realize that they need a new target.

Have fun! There are lots of targets out there!

I care about missing people, they can be adult, or just a toddler. They are still missing. Have fun knowing that you likely have changed a caring person into a cynic.

Simon Barrett

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