The average School Bus is 40 feet long and about 8 feet wide. That makes for an area about 320 square feet. I have had a bit of a problem establishing the exact ground clearance of these vehicles, but to make it simple lets go with 12 inches. If we go with this approximation we discover that there is an amazing 320 cubic feet of space under the bus.

A bit of digging around online reveals that most people are about 5 cubic feet. So simple math reveals that you can get some 64 people under the average bus! Of course Humans are not packaged in convenient Cubic Footage, so 64 might be a bit of a stretch. Plus there are the wheels, axles, and other stuff under the bus so I personally do not believe that 64 is a reasonable number. But, I think it is fair to say that you can fit a bunch of people under a bus.

The Croslin family though, seem determined to try and make it to the Guinness Book Of Records for the ‘Most people Under A Bus’ category. I cannot understand why the Croslin family have found the need, but they certainly have.

The search for missing Haleigh Cummings has brought out the worst in in the family’s involved, and none more so than the Croslin clan. So who is under the bus so far?

Well we can always start with Cousin Joe (Joe Overstreet). Cousin Joe seems to have a somewhat checkered past his rap sheet is extensive burglaries and thefts being his specialty, and  my sources are telling that along the was he managed to commit some sort of sexual offense. Cousin Joe was one of the first to be thrown under the bus by the rest of the family. To assist in the character assassination Tommy Croslin and Ronald Cummings have reportedly said that Cousin Joe liked to watch the alligators devour deer and other animals, he  thought it was cool!

Next up is brother Tommy, he initially was thrown under the bus by Misty over the fist fight with Ronald Cummings, an event that likely sparked Ratgate. Misty obtaining the Restraining order against him ensured a reserved spot under the bus. Then, in a lemming like action threw himself back under the bus by getting arrested on the theft and gun charges.

Misty Croslin is of course a founding member of the under the bus gang. Virtually all of the family members at one time or another has thrown her under it. The latest being Tommy with his revelation that she was not home on the night Haleigh went missing. Misty also shares Tommy’s Lemming like traits and has thrown herself under the bus on numerous occasions.

Brother Timmy is also a card carrying member of the Under The Bus Club, his most recent visit being precipitated by police complaint being files by Ronald Cummings.

That leaves Ma and Pa Croslin, you do not hear too much about this pair and in the general mayhem being created by the rest of the family, have survived relatively unscathed, and in an attempt to distance themselves from the dreaded bus have quietly moved to Tennessee. Of course they do share the Lemming gene so it is only a matter of time before they join the rest of the family. I did say relatively unscathed, they are indeed familiar with the underside of the bus they just have not spent a great deal of time there. I do have a question though and I have asked it repeatedly and have never received a sensible answer. Why was there a police car at their address at the time the infamous 911 call was made? Misty and others have also claimed they are drug addicts. And Ron claims that Hank tried to kill him with pain killers.

Of course the Under The Bus Club is not the sole purview of the Croslin family, indeed the club has expanded significantly.  The Cummings and Shefield’s are all intimately familiar with the dreaded dark space under the bus.

Rather than a missing girl uniting these families in the common goal of finding Haleigh Cummings, they have instead orchestrated something out of Loony Tunes. They are the Websters dictionary definition of a dysfunctional family

Almost everyday someone gets to spend quality time under the bus!

Simon Barrett

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