This is all hearsay, but a couple of items have hit my radar today and I would love to get some confirmation about them. We are now two days away from the 10 month mark that Haleigh Cummings has been missing. There seems to be no solid leads as to who is responsible for her abduction, although Law Enforcement clearly feel that someone in the family, or extended family know a lot more than they have fessed up so far.

I think it is fair to say that there are few people involved in this case that have not created doubt by their actions or inactions.

Top of that list has to be Misty Croslin, the 17 year old, babysitter, housekeeper, and lover of Ronald Cummings. After a whirlwind romance, whirlwind marriage, whirlwind honeymoon in New York (on a network TV’s tab), then a whirlwind divorce. What a busy life for a minor! She has experienced more before the ability to buy a beer legally than most of us have in 50 years.

I will reiterate, I have no proof of this information, however my source is very reliable. I will quote from the email:

My friend was hanging out with Misty C last [night]. Smoking blunts [pot]. Sniffing roxies and having sex with multiple guys.

No lie. This was around 3am. She was with this guy named Charlie [Jones].

This rather cryptic email actually makes a certain amount of sense. Charlie Jones is the reported new love interest, and Misty does seem to have a bit of a reputation for sex and drugs.

Equally interesting are some rumblings out of the Sheffield camp. They have for the most part kept a pretty low profile lately, but that may well be about to change. The ears on the ground are telling us that Crystal and Chad have split up. Marie Griffis is said to be livid, fearing that Chad might spill the beans on the family. Fact or fiction? I do not know.

Adding further fuel to the fire is the mysterious shooting in Palatka (see story here) there are still no names being released. And trust me, we have been trying to get that information. For some reason PCSO are being very tight lipped on this one. What we can report is that the altercation happened in a predominantly black neighborhood. Although witnesses have been scarce, the rumor mill is saying that the two victims were not white Caucasian.

I am happy to give some good news though. If you listened to Sundays radio program you might have caught the fact that Capt Dominic Piscitello has been in hospital, well, he is now back on the job.

That is all of the scuttlebutt for today.

Simon Barrett

Update: This one is a little too ripe for BNN. But this is the information that has been heading in my direction in the past few hours. Personally, I vouch for my source, I talk with him/her frequently. Take this article for a whirl and make your own judgment.  Click here.

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