In the big yawn inducing event of the day, father Ronald Cummings appeared on HLN’s Nancy Grace show. It was a delightful adventure into avoiding actually answering any questions sent his way. One has to wonder if the shirt and tie he was wearing was actually his own? It was not well fitting, but maybe it was the best that the studio had at short notice.

What we learned tonight was…. absolutely nothing.

There was much waffle about polygraphs both from Ron and the entire panel. What I find humorous is that had the polygraph shown that Misty was telling the truth Ron and his lawyer would have been shouting it from the roof tops, instead they are talking about its unreliability.

In the light of all of the recent developments TJ Hart and I will be discussing the case at noon central today on Blog Talk Radio. In order to cover as much ground as possible we will not be taking calls, however TJ will be monitoring his Twitter @THESKY973DOTCOM and Twitterers are welcome to ask their questions on it.

Items on our list to talk about are Ronald Cummings appearance on Nancy Grace last night, Leonard Padilla’s offer to Misty and how it is being received by the family. TES being back in the picture doing some ground searches. Misty’s polygraph and other tests and some of the rather strange responses, in particular the 4 people in the house answer.

Simon Barrett

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