I have to admit that these discs have been a challenge. There were some missing files from our original release, three of us have spent the day trying to locate them. I am pleased to say that I do believe we have found the five missing audio files.

The recordings are phone calls made by Tommy Croslin.

Tape one  – Tommy Croslin and Hank Croslin – Lindsay is angry with Tommy. Once again the conversation is about money. This tape was made a few days before the divorce papers were filed. Clearly Tommy is waiting for the event to happen  (04/17)

Tape two -  Tommy Croslin and Lisa Croslin – Lisa has good news, she only got another 12 months of probation. But she can’t come visit Tommy until she has paid her $1088 fine!  Hope Sykes getting 15 years is discussed. “That’s Bullshit” says Tommy (04/27)

Tape three – Tommy Croslin and Hank Croslin – Yet more discussion about Hope Sykes and her scoring 15 years. Tommy is still claiming that 3 years is all he faces. Hank Croslin talking about Misty Croslin’s reaction to the Hope Sykes news “She is as scared as SH!T”. (04/28)

Tape four -  Tommy Croslin and Timmy Croslin – More discussion about Lindsay and the divorce. Apparently Lindsay is not replying to his letters. Did I hear Timmy say that he was going to write but he was ‘half buzzed up’? (04/29)

Tape five – Tommy Croslin and Timmy Croslin – Yet more Lindsay stuff. Tommy had asked Timmy to call, and it was not a happy call. Timmy instigates a three way call. Lindsay comes on the line. Tommy asks her “Why are you doing this sh!t?”.

We have not had a chance to analyze these tapes, they are what they are! If you have an aversion to strong language I would suggest that you avoid listening to these tapes.

Tape One

Tape Two

Tape Three

Tape Four

Tape Five

Do they bring any light on what happened to Haleigh Cummings, probably not. They do however offer some interesting background to this completely dysfunctional family.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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