DVD five contains a single conversation between Tommy Croslin and his wife Lindsay Croslin.

This jail tape was recorded in the latter part of April.

Of all of the people involved in the Haleigh Cummings case I had held Lindsay Croslin in some esteem, she seemed to be the one member in Dysfunction Junction that had more than one synapse firing.

After this tape I am re-thinking my stance.

In what has to be one of the funniest and most bizarre exchanges I have ever heard, Tommy and Lindsay get into a discussion about ‘family photographs’. Oh this has nothing to do with weddings or other family get togethers,  this is about who has the best jail photo!

There are some more serious aspects to this conversation, there are mentions about ‘a friend’, who might that be? The context is about money, specifically in buying a car. Who might this friend be? I can’t see that it would be the ‘Big Hatted’ bounty hunter from California. I suspect that he has had enough automotive adventures with Hank.

Is this tape important? Probably not, but it does give further insights into the melange that the Croslin’s, Cummings, and Sheffield’s have created.

Tommy Croslin and Lindsay Croslin tape

Some of this tape was mentioned on Sunday, you can listen to the entire program here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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