If you think that Misty Croslin’s time line of events the night that Haleigh Cummings went missing is strange, just check what various news sources are reporting about what they are saying about the recent ‘vacation’ to Orlando.

Some sources are claiming that Ron and Misty had some huge fight prior to the vacation. Nancy Grace and her people certainly played that one up! Yet a TV station (WESH) captured an entirely different different picture, it was a planned escape for a few days, a way to escape from the cameras, the goodbye kiss between Ron and Misty, that pat on her bottom. This hardly looks like the apex of a huge domestic dispute.

Exclusive: Misty Cummings Back With Haleigh’s Dad, was the ‘BlockBuster’ reported yesterday by one site (a well known buddy of Nancy Grace). Well, hardly exclusive news, at no time was Misty MIA. In fact the real truth is somewhat more prosaic, the plan was for them all to get away for a few days, escape the media spotlight. Of course that idea went south as soon as the press discovered that Misty was not around, there was no way that Ronald and Jr could even go to the local convenience store without being hassled.

What I find hugely interesting is that the Exclusive: Misty Cummings Back With Haleigh’s Dad story has changed completely since it was posted yesterday. Damn I just knew I should have taken a screen grab of it! But silly me, I assumed that the story would stand, and a retraction offered. That is the way that the real press work. Of course the internet makes it easy to change the occasional wildly off the mark story and still be right! When I run a story it is, what it is. If I am wrong, I will admit that I am wrong. I will not change my story and pretend that it never happened! Of course that makes me a very low person on the Nance show! Tell the truth, get the boot!

Ronald and Jr did manage a quick vacation with Misty, but it was far from the one originally planned. They did however manage to spend a little time together away from the spotlight. Do not get me wrong, I have no love for either Ron or Misty, I would not entertain either of these people in a ‘wood shed’, but I am glad that Jr at least had a break.

“Where is Misty” Nancy demanded last week? Well Nancy, Misty was actually in the TV studio in Jacksonville that Teresa Neves was talking from. She had traveled there with Teresa Neves! She was in the green room watching the show on a big screen TV!

Irving Wallace published a great book in the early 1970’s, the title was The Almighty and it concerned a media mogul warping, and even creating their own news. Is this what we have here?

This is the second time this week that I have seen manipulation. I am sure that this subject will crop up on tomorrows radio program. To tune in point your browser to www.blogtalkradio.com a few minutes before 3pm central on Oct/4, or you can use this link.

The search for Haleigh Cummings is the key, not selling books, not selling your soul. Neither Jan, myself, or TJ Hart have made, or taken a dime on this story. Maybe that is where we have gone wrong?

Tune in, it might be a firecracker of a program!

Simon and Jan Barrett

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