It was a rather strange program, 30 minutes before we went on air I heard that we had some audio that had not been played before. I won’t use the Bombshell, or Exclusive moniker that others might.. But the few minutes of audio that I have listened to, do lend credibility to some other items that came out months ago.

Suddenly the letter that Nay Nay Prevatt received takes on a new meaning.

It will take us a couple of days to clean up the audio, but we did play some of it on air.

The panel today was the regulars, Simon and Jan Barrett, TJ Hart, Denny Griffin, and Armando Aldazabal.

It was an interesting 90 minutes. Did we solve the case? NO. Is this another piece of the puzzle? YES.

I have heard from LE many times about many cases, ‘We are looking once again at the evidence”. I am sure that PCSO has looked many times at what they know, or at least how they perceive it. These tapes were handed over to LE when they first surfaced, which was quite some time ago.

On their own they really do not mean much, but when you marry them with some other information (verified) they do take on a new meaning. Maybe these recordings did form part of the reason that PCSO ran the drug sting operation against Misty and the rest of them?

You can listen to the entire program here.

Update: We have released all of the tapes.

Simon Barrett

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