We will be airing our usual program on Sunday, if we did not, our detractors would not have anything to grumble about on Mondays 🙂

We will be exploring the past seven days in both the Haleigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony cases.

As always, the exact make up of the panel is subject to change, but as best I can tell it will be Simon and Jan Barrett, TJ Hart, and William Cobra Staubs. Denny Griffin cannot be with us this week, he is on a cruise (lucky devil).

It has been a curious week in the search for Haleigh Cummings, there has not been a great deal coming out of Law Enforcement, but that is to be expected. We in the press have learned that the PCSO are very much a one way street. When they speak, we listen, but there is little wriggle room to ask questions.

Once again another Croslin found himself under what is becoming a very crammed space under the bus. Tommy Croslin got busted in a drug deal. Drugs seem to be a very key component to this family! One of these days I am going to sit down and try and figure out exactly how many of the Croslin’s, Cumming’s, and their friends and associates are currently on bond!

Ruby (who has more surnames than I can count) Kanger/Sargent, and who knows how many other names, is the great grandmother of Haleigh Cummings. She scooted from Putnam county, but still seems to attract trouble like Iron Fillings to a magnet was back in court last Monday. At a whopping 4′ 11” one can hardly view this woman as a physical threat. Yet that is what the accusation says. Her case of ‘Terrorist Threats’ wends its way slowly through the court system. The next event is scheduled for March/9 2010, a pre-trial hearing.

Another subject that I suspect will come up in the program, is the so called Haleigh benefit concert. The profits were supposed to go towards the reward money. There are several of us that are asking questions, and getting very few answers. Why, for example we heard from no one that attended? Yet it was rumored that Tim Miller was there. Did this concert even take place? How come the contact phone number has been disconnected. These are all very troubling questions.

I did receive some news last Monday that I have to say annoyed me greatly. A major advocate for missing children, and chief guy behind the Discovery Channel’s Investigation Discovery web site was given his pink slip. David Lohr is one of the best journalists out there, his coverage on the Caylee Anthony case has been nothing short of outstanding. For Discovery to do this, shocks me. I do hope that another news organization snaps him up quickly.

I hope to see you all on Sunday, just point your browser to www.blogtalkradio.com a few minutes before 3pm central, and you will see the link to the program on the main page.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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