I had a feeling that some fireworks were in the air. I was not wrong.

Our panel was loaded for bear, and I would say that they hit their targets! I guess in future as the host I should make sure that they have the legal tags to go hunting 🙂

I had been warned about some subjects that were likely to crop up, and switched the program to a 2 hour format, we still ran out of time. The good news for live listeners that lost the feed, the entire program was recorded.

A panel driven radio program is a lot like a tag team event. Everyone has something to contribute, and today was the prime example. The team bested anything that you could find on any news network. I sit in awe of the team, Jan Barrett, TJ Hart, William Cobra Staubs, Peter Hyatt, Denny Griffin and Dave Knechel.

I talk to them all regularly, but this is the one occasion that we all talk together.

We covered five cases in the program.

In the Eric Preimesberger case we have been asked by LE to be careful about our news releases as the case has reached a very critical point.

Mother Christy Ragas joined us for an update on the search for her son Zachary Pittman, again there is news, and again we have been asked to keep certain facts out of circulation.

Rather than whine about not being able to talk about these things, I view it as a positive. This site called Blogger News Network has hit some nerves! No person should be forgotten because they have disappeared. Jan and I wish that we had the resources to take on every case, but we do not.

Jan introduced us to a new case today, Leslie Ashlyn Fain. We don’t have a huge amount to go on. We are being told that this 16 year old may well be with a 22 year old man. We do have a lead, and this has been passed on to the police. For more information you can go to Jan’s article here or you can go to the their Facebook page which can be found here.

In the Caylee Anthony case, well, its more stupidity. But I’ll leave that up to listeners to discover.

The Haleigh Cummings case is equally frustrating. All of the prime suspects are playing their first round of UNO for a cheap way out. The bad players, Donna Brock, and Hope Sykes clearly did not understand the rules of the game, they both scored a 15 year time out. Tommy Croslin apparently was caught cheating, or maybe trying to bend the rules just a little, he too scored a 15 year time out.

The world is waiting to see just how bad Misty Croslin and Ron Cummings’ hands are? Just how many ‘Draw 10 years’ cards do they hold?

It was an entertaining program. If this had been on the Animal Planet snake venom special, it likely would have been their all time best selling episode.

If you missed the first brutal live version, here is a link to the recording.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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