We will be running our regular program on Sunday Aug 22 at 3pm Central. We should have a full panel this week, Simon and Jan Barrett, TJ Hart of The Sky 97.3, Crime writer Denny Griffin, Investigator Peter Hyatt, journalist Dave Knechel, and Bail Bondsman William Cobra Staubs.

We will be bringing you updates on a number of cases. While we do not have any major revelations in the search for Zachary Pittman, we will bring you up to date on what we do know. Jan and I have talked with mother Christy Ragas several times over the past few days and she certainly seems a lot more upbeat. The major reason seems to be the appointment of a new lead detective.

We also do not have any major news in the Eric Preimesberger case. That is not to say that there has been no progress, rather this is sill a very active investigation and the police do not want to reveal any details at this stage.

Jan has been looking at another missing person case Leslie Ashlyn Fain, and I am sure she will be giving us a quick summary of the story. This story is unfolding in the Georgia and Carolinas, an area that BNN has many readers, and we are hoping that one of you might be able to help.

In the Haleigh Cummings case it has been another busy week. Ronald Cummings has accepted a plea deal, part of which is his commitment to testify for the prosecution if required.

Meanwhile Misty Croslin has plead Nolo Contendre to the litany of charges she faces. Her attorney Robert Fields has made a potentially very clever move. He has managed to get the St Johns and Putnam County cases amalgamated. This places the Youthful Offender card firmly on the table.

On Tuesday Lisa Croslin was released from custody on unrelated drug charges. She also broke her press silence and granted us a brief interview. Brief though the interview was, it spoke volumes of why she has been reticent on talking to the press:

Nancy Grace opens her mouth before she gets evidence and continually drags us to the  ground.

In the Caylee Anthony saga, this week saw attorney Brad Conway saying goodbye to his clients George and Cindy Anthony. The official reason cited by Conway concerns a defense motion by Baez that causes a conflict. Personally I think this is a major stretch of the imagination. A much more likely reason is that once again George and Cindy Anthony are refusing to follow an attorney’s advice. This is a replay of the Mark NeJame story!

To listen live to this afternoons program, use this link.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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