Although we had some communication issues with Blog Talk Radio, it was an interesting program, And certainly featured a star studded guest list. It was great to see my old friends come out of retirement on these cases, if just for 90 minutes.

Covering the Haleigh Cummings case has been akin to incurring some ancient Egyptian curse, to touch the case has been poison. However my friends agreed to join my wife Jan and I on a wrap up look at the Haleigh Cummings case for 2010.

On the panel were ace reporter and director of news and programming for The Sky 97.3, TJ Hart. Investigator, and all around interesting character William Cobra Staubs.  Investigator Peter Hyatt who specializes in Statement Analysis, the written word reveals much. Author and crime writer Denny Griffin. And to round off the panel I invited Dave Johnson, Dave is not involved in these cases, but he has a razor sharp mind, and many years experience in getting the bad guys. Having Cobra on your doorstep threatening to kick your front door in is unsettling, seeing Dave means you are in deep doggy doo, the front door is the least of your problems.

The panel seemed in agreement that the Haleigh Cummings case has reached a conclusion,   No body has been found, and little new news has surfaced in months. With the exception of Jan, everyone believes that the little girl is no longer alive. The consensus is that Law Enforcement did their best, and the likely perpetrator(s) are behind bars and this will be their home for many years to come. Is it justice for Haleigh? I for one am not sure.

The Caylee Anthony story is equally frustrating, did mother Casey Anthony kill her daughter? We will find out what a jury thinks next May.

I have to admit that I was not sure where this radio program might lead. I had assumed that my guests would be a little reticent to talk openly. Both cases are very contentious. I stirred up a Hornets nest over some recent depositions in the Casey Anthony case. It was not my intention to even bring the subject of the depos up. But it happened.

I have no doubt that yet again Baez and his trusty boys and gals will be taking a big mouthful of Tums and then running to the judge complaining about Blogger News.

Hey Jose, we didn’t say it, we didn’t spill all the beans. But if they are the right color beans, I hear that Wal Mart need seasonal workers.

You can listen to the whole recording here.

As soon as time permits I will stick in the links, so just hang tough.

Simon & Jan Barrett

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