We will be running our regular program on Sunday July/11 at 3pm central.

It looks like our panel will be at full strength, TJ has promised to make sure that his phone has a full charge! Denny Griffin has a new Microwave, so he will be able to warm up his coffee! Peter Hyatt has a pile of lobsters, but will wait until after the program to cook them!

I am sure that we will have some other guests joining us. This is shaping up to be another great program.

Why was there a continuance on the Tommy Croslin sentencing hearing? No-one wants to go on record, but the rumours are running. Our good friend Cobra seems to be in harms way once again. I have questions, I have comments. Did his lawyer Don Holmes do the best job he could have? Local boy going for a position as judge?


In the Caylee Anthony case we have yet more hi-jinks by Baez and his Nightmare Dream Team. That 911 call by Cindy Anthony is coming back to haunt her. Lee Anthony is also now pulled into the whole deal.

The case that has not garnered any national attention (YET) is Zachary Pittman. Jan, myself, and others have been working this case hard. As Jan put it, OK thats another place we can’t move to. We can’t visit Satsuma, Florida, Orlando would be a poor choice, and now St Tammany Parish seems to have been added to the list!

We will have the latest news on what I am being told is “NOT A COLD CASE”, by law enforcement.

Was this the party house? Was this where he died?


Tune in on Sunday, we will have the latest breaking news. Just head on over to www.blogtalkradio.com a few minutes before 3pm central, or use this direct link.

Simon Barrett

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