We will be running our regular weekly update on these three frustrating cases. We will have our regular panel of experts, and what I am sure this will be a pretty interesting program.

Sundays panel will have TJ Hart of The Sky 97.3, crime writer Denny Griffin, Investigator Peter Hyatt, Dave Knechel, and Simon and Jan Barrett.

There was a particularly interesting hearing this week in the Caylee Anthony case. The admissibility of the 911 tapes as evidence was one of the major topics. I for one was amazed at the way that Baez and company approached the subject. In my mind they merely succeeded in digging themselves a deep hole. I was talking to Peter Hyatt and he is beginning to wonder if Cheney Mason is now on the ‘outs’. Could he be the next to quit the defense team?

There has not been a great deal of new news in the Haleigh Cummngs case this week. But we will bring you up to date on what we have been able to uncover.

We will also bring you the very latest update in the search for missing 26 year old Zachary Pittman. It was to say the least an interesting week. While there was no ‘official’ news, BNN was inundated with background information. We also received some interesting leads that we are still looking at. We are hoping that Zach’s mother Christy Ragas will be able to join us on air to give us her latest update. This might be one that surprises you!

I have also heard through the grapevine that Pearl River Mayor James Lavigne is hopping mad with BNN for publicizing this case. This is a rather strange reaction, one would have thought that he would welcome any help in locating an area resident that is missing.

Please join us at 3pm central on Sunday for all of the latest news. The link is here.

Simon Barrett

message from BNN Editor- Jan Barrett

Once again we are being forced to shut down the comments. To those that are really here looking for answers as to what happened to Haleigh I apologize but apparently not everyone wants to be here for that.  They have turned the comment section into one big mess and we have had enough of it. Sorry but we have no choice. Feel free to join our forum by going here  

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