We are almost into our two year adventure of running ‘The News In Review’ radio series. Each week we seem to break new ground.

This week Jan and I were joined by our regular panel of ace reporter TJ Hart, investigator Peter Hyatt, the crime doctor Denny Griffin and journalist Dave Knechel. Also joining was my very good friend and favorite bounty hunter William Cobra Staubs.

The program kicked off with a new case that we have just hear about. A missing Reno, Nevada man Eric Preimesberger. There are more twists and turns on this case than an Alpine road. Jan and I did launch it at the panel as a surprise, no one had any chance to research it before we went on air. The ideas put forward were solid. And I do hope everyone will help us get some leads. A good place to start is Jan’s article.

Zachary Pittman’s mother Christy Ragas joined us to bring an update on the search for her son. I think it would be fair to say that the progress over the past few days has been disappointing. Christy reached the end of her tether and ‘fired’ the detective and his boss. That might sound an impossibility, but it has at least woken up the St Tammany Parish Sheriff. She has a meeting with the ‘brass’ on Monday.  We will bring you that story as soon as we have the details.

TJ Hart brought us up to date on the happenings with the Haleigh Cummings clan. This week Tommy Croslin managed to score himself a 15 year vacation. No doubt this will provide him ample time to reflect on the (mis)information that he supplied.

We did spend a good deal of time on the Caylee Anthony case, and I apologize that we lost our live listeners at the 90 minute mark, the final 10 minutes is on the recording. Dave, Peter, Denny, Cobra, Jan and just about everyone online had something to offer in this discussion.

What I like about this group that we have assembled is their unique perspective on the cases that we cover.

You might have caught a little banter between Cobra and I concerning the Busy Streets in Atlanta, Georgia. Cobra took the story slightly further than I had planned. However it is on public record. I have many hundreds of pages of court documents on the case. I’ll share the very latest. Take it as you will.

There is much, much more on this story. I will try to bring you a more coherent version after I have talked to some of the people involved. If the  ‘Ouch’ factor is measured on a scale of one to ten, this is bigger than the US national debt!

To listen to the entire program please use this link.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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