We will be running our weekly update on these three strange cases.

We are expecting to have the usual panel of experts, Simon and Jan Barrett, TJ Hart, Denny Griffin, Peter Hyatt, and Dave Knechel.

In the Caylee Anthony case most of this weeks news concerned not Casey Anthony, but rather her Lawyer Jose Baez. He still seems bound and determined to disrupt as many lives as he possibly can, this weeks victim was meter reader Roy Kronk. Exactly how Roy Kronk’s testimony can possibly be used to further the defense case is unclear.

Baez also hit the news this week about two items not concerned with the Caylee Anthony case. Court documents show that he has been taking a leaf out of the George and Cindy Anthony play book and not paying his mortgage. The note holder has started foreclosure proceedings.

Another court document also surfaced this week. This one a judgment against Baez for not payment of  over $4000 of fees to a court reporting company.

The Haleigh Cummings case continues to lumber along. The drug phase is almost complete, but the question still remains, where is Haleigh Cummings?

The Zachary Pittman case is also a source of frustration to everyone involved. It has now been over a month since mother Christy Ragas has talked to lead detective Corey Crowe. Repeated calls to Corey have gone unreturned. Tell me if you think this is a case that is being actively worked?

I do hope that you joint us at 3pm central on Sunday Aug/1 to hear the latest developments.  The direct link is here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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