We will be broadcasting our regular call in Talk Radio show on Sunday Sept/13 at 3pm Central. Once again we will be focusing our attention on the sad and frustrating case of Haleigh Cummings. It has now been over seven months that she has been missing. However, things do at last seem to be happening. Over the past three weeks some armor seems to be getting some chinks in it as far as alibis and time lines are concerned.

We in the press and independent investigators have no access to the police records, but as TJ Hart and I discussed a couple of days ago, we now seem to be on the same track, in fact we are no longer running parallel to  law enforcement, I believe we are now on a converging path.

Much has happened in the past three weeks, and it continues to unfold every day. The few of us that have stuck with this case have been faced with a barrage of idiocy, but we are still there.

We will also be touching on a couple of other cases that are on our radar. Caylee Anthony is most certainly dead, her killer is most likely her mother Casey Anthony. Casey sits comfortably behind bars, eating her Twinkie’s and polishing her nails. But the case is far from reaching a conclusion, the (bad)Dream Team supporting her defense are nothing if not persistent. We will be exploring the latest Bozo Baez court motions. Likely viewed by many as bowel motions!

Another case that we have been following concerns the death of two civilians at the hands of one Miami cop. In four short days Miami Beach officer Adam Tavss managed to dispatch Hussein Shehada, a tourist on vacation with his brother Sammer and their girlfriends. Four days later he disposed of  Lawence McCoy. This story is just starting to heat up. Segments are running on CNN this weekend.

As always, the panel is up in the air, but I am sure that we will have an awesome one!

Set your browser to Blog Talk Radio a few minutes before 3pm Central and you will see the program on the front page.

We will have our switchboard open, and we look forward to your questions and comments.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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