Having taken a few days away from the 24 hour a day coverage we have regrouped and are ‘locked and loaded’, our regular program will be back on the air on Sunday Mar/20 at 3pm central.

We are still finalizing the panel, but that is a normal activity at this stage. It will be a good one though!

The Caylee Anthony case has taken some curious twists and turns. I know that Jan is working on a story as we speak. Once again money seems to be at the heart of the matter. I for one have to wonder where the $90k for Jose Baez came from? I am not sure that I really want to go digging again, I am sure that I will only reach the same conclusion that I did the last time. Even more fun is the $22k that Pro Bono expert Andrea Lyon has received. Andrea Lyon is billed as the ‘Murder Case Queen’, she has not allowed one of her cases to meet his/her maker at the hand of justice. But what has she done to rack up $22k is expenses? A bunch of Morning TV appearances (Mostly to promote her new book), and not much else.

Baez got the ‘lions’ share of the spoils to date. $90k is actually quite a lot of money. Yet he is now handing out his cap like poor Oliver “May I Have Some More?”

The defence team thinks that the tax payers should pay for Casey Anthony’s defence. What happened to the ‘Public Defender’?

I have to admit that the idea of tax payers money being used to pay for expensive hotels, expensive meals, and book promotion for Andrea Lyon turns my stomach. As for paying Baez, I can not even conceive of the idea. The judge needs to tell Baez to go get his next $90k from the place he got it before! I read some interesting articles this week, I have not had time to chase down the facts yet, but it does seem that the road that my good friend Sean Krause was following has a destination.

Things have been pretty quiet on the Haleigh Cummings quest. The caged ‘songbirds’ do not want to sing. I am hoping to get an update on the case tomorrow. Next week is also shaping up to be an interesting week for two ancillary cases. One I hope will be resolved tomorrow, the other will be interesting to watch unfold.

To listen in, point your browser to www.blogtalkradio.com a few minutes before 3:pm central on Sunday Mar/20.

Simon Barrett

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