It has been a frustrating year. If you look at any of these cases you just want to walk away from them. They are so sad that they make Jan and I want to cry. In fact the stories have a similar effect on just about all of the people that Jan and I talk with on a regular basis.

We ran our regular Sunday program, our panel was Jan and Simon Barrett, the Director of News and Programming for WSKY 97.3 TJ Hart, and the Crime Doctor, author and crime maven Denny Griffin.

It is now 72 hours after the program, I normally have the ‘wrap up’ article running within a couple of hours of us having it in the can. Sunday was a little different. Call me naive, call me stupid, call me anything that you want. Jan and I have been running this program, every Sunday for many months. It is well known, and certainly for those interested in the Haleigh Cummings search it has become a regular event.

Some love us, some do not. That is fine. At least we try and keep the little girl in the news. Have we ever had ‘breaking news’? No, occasionally we have new news, sometimes we have new ideas to ponder. From the outset we have clearly stated that we are reflecting upon the past 7 days. Yes, often the past week takes you further back, but that is a good thing. I can’t remember the person that said it, I can’t even remember the exact circumstances. The quote goes ‘To understand the past, gives you understanding of the present, and can provide insight to the future’.

Sunday’s call in program was an interesting one. It revealed to me that there are people that do not care about missing or dead children. How they can live with themselves is beyond me!

Our focus was on three cases. Caylee Anthony is alas dead. Her mother Casey Anthony is the only suspect, and remains behind bars. Her defense team, led by Jose Baez has until Feb/1 2010 to present discovery of why she should be a free person. The likelihood of this happening is right up there with Santa getting stuck in my chimney (we don’t have one)!

Adji Desir is now seven years old, but operates at the level of a two year old. He was six when he went missing. That ugly anniversary is going to be on January 10 and there is nothing new in the search.

Haleigh Cummings disappeared on February 10, there have been almost no leads to find this little girl. Someone holds the key, why have they not come forward?

It does not take a lot of digging to discover that all of the families have just a little bit of a history. The history is not always good, and certainly not always wholesome. The Haleigh Cummings case has revealed a pretty dysfunctional set of families. Under some circumstances it would be amusing, but when a little girl is missing, it is anything but!

Caylee Anthony’s family have also proved to be less than stellar.

For the most part our radio program has been successful in keeping these children’s names in the spotlight.

That is not to say that we have not ruffled feathers, but we have also made some significant friends. Some we talk about, many we do not.

One of the major aspects of the program is taking live calls. Over the months we have had some awesome questions. There have been occasions where off air, where we would be chatting about something or another, but, for one reason or another we were not happy discussing the factoid. The listeners have always come through! Whether it has been the press taking kick backs and misrepresenting a news story, or the pseudo and mostly uninformed wanna be press writing salacious claims, the listeners have come through. They asked the questions that we could not avoid.

I was disappointed on Sunday, clearly someone has a cold heart. We do have the logs, phone numbers, and IP addresses involved. I apologize to everyone that was listening in. You can also rest easy knowing that I am not going to let this drop.

With Christmas upon us, we will not be running the program on Sunday Dec/27. But the entire panel wishes everyone a wonderful holiday season.

Actually, I can not guarantee that we will not be doing something on Sunday, I am just thinking about it!

You can listen to last weeks program in its entirety here.

Have a great Christmas

Simon and Jan Barrett, and the rest of the gang.

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