It was another interesting 90 minutes. Haleigh Cummings has been missing for 4 ½ months, and there are few clues, just a bunch of talking heads. Actually most of the talking appears to be coming from one head, but we will broach that one later.

The panel this week consisted of the Barrett’s, Ms. Pickles, William ‘Cobra’ Staubs, TJ Hart, and Art Harris. Essentially the entire press corp following this strange case.

The hot news this week was Law Enforcement searching the 30 acre property that biological mother Crystal Shefield, and grandmother Marie Griffis own. Other than the rotting remains of a horse, and some cow and goat bones, about the only useful thing that came out of this adventure was that Law Enforcement have tilled the land. It should make it suitable for planting those tomato plants (you will have to listen to the broadcast to listen to Cobra and the tomato plant story).

The search involved 43 Law Enforcement personnel, cadaver dogs, and a back-hoe. The burning question is why? The police were the first to admit that they expected to find nothing. Well they were right about that. So why did the search occur? According to Crystal Shefield’s attorney Picazio, the family requested the search. It does not take more than grade two math to figure out that having 43 officers, heavy earth movers, divers, and cadaver dogs, is going to lead to a very large bill. Who picked up the tab? The damn tax payers, thats who!

The panel was divided on the search, a valid argument was that at least one avenue was now closed, people could be discarded as suspects. Others said, not so, all that has been proved is that the little girls body is not on the property.

An interesting discussion came up about blogging and the lawlessness of the internet. TJ Hart explained closing down a twitter account as a result of asinine comments that he was being flooded with, we here at BNN have opted to close comments on the Haleigh Cummings story because of the lunatic minority, we have moved the comment section on this case to a forum site that we can better control. Art Harris had his site down for the best part of three days because of a cyber attack.

One would think that after an attack like that Art would have tightened up the process of commenting. He did not, and in fact his site was a huge problem for us at BNN, Cobra, and a couple of individuals. In what can only be described as idiocy, a series of emails were released on the site, they were provided by Kim Picazio. However they had been ‘picked over’, any that were unflattering to her cause were omitted. These ‘sanitized’ threads caused a great deal of trouble. Of course this kind of unprofessional behavior is easy to shut down, the real email threads exist. Maybe Picazio should go back to family law, and let the adults run with this case.

BNN has never bowed down to a damn lawyer, and we certainly are not going to start now!

I just received an email from TJ, he has a story concerning Ruby Kanger, that is Haleigh’s great grandmother. The article can be found here.

If you missed today’s show, you can listen to the recording here.

Update: We have had a lot of comments regarding the comment Art Harris made about “zipping it”. Art thought he was talking to Pickles, however Pickles had in fact lost connection to the show at the time Art made the comment. Our show is a fairly raucous 90 minutes, and I am sure that someone like Art Harris would not normally tell someone to “zip it” under normal circumstances. I have to rule against Art on this one, Art you had the wrong person.

Oh, life with BNN, you have to love it!

Simon Barrett

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