We had our regular panel of Simon and Jan Barrett, ace reporter TJ Hart, the ‘Crime Doctor’ Denny Griffin, and investigator William Cobra Staubs.

There has not been much news coming out of the Haleigh Cummings investigation this week, but we are not too concerned. The PCSO has played this card game very close to their chest. Previous ‘lulls’ in activity have signaled that they are about to drop another depth-charge. And next week could well see that event happening. While no one is speaking officially, the general vibe is, watch this space!

Misty Croslin has hightailed it to the relative sanctuary of her grandmothers abode on Tennessee, while many are asking why PCSO have allowed her to escape the area, the straight facts are that they have no valid reason to stop her. While we would all like to ‘sweat’ her behind bars, there is one minor obstacle, the Constitution. I doubt that buying tobacco products while underage is great grounds for an arrest. Others would like to see a Child Endangerment charge, but once again there are no grounds. The Child Endangerment charge worked to get Casey Anthony locked up, but Casey was a different situation, she failed to report Caylee missing for a month! Misty Croslin (supposedly) reported the abduction as soon as she realized Haleigh Cummings was missing.

We also spent a little time bringing everyone up to speed on the Caylee Anthony case. Most of us that are following the case are still in shock as to the idiocy that seems to permeate its way through every aspect, family member, and defense strategy. The soap opera writers could not have conceived a more unlikely story! In fact we learned not log ago that BNN was quoted in an exhibit by Jose Bozo Baez, he apparently thinks that Jan’s articles might have a detrimental effect on the potential jury!

Up for a brief discussion was the very sad story of Somer Thompson. Words just fail me on this one. One thing is clear, the whole panel is in agreement, something has to change. And that change has to come in the form of legislation, the Bush administration introduced the ‘No child left behind’ initiative, the Obama administration needs to climb on board the ‘No child lost or abused’ initiative.

TJ made some very telling comments, as a well known radio and TV guy he attended a couple of Halloween oriented events, a steady stream of people came up and asked what can we do to protect our children from predators?

What is the answer?

Well, it is going to have to come at the federal and then state level. The first task is to re-evaluate the sex offender registry. Sorry, but in my mind ‘Public Urination’ is a pretty thin excuse for being labeled a sex offender. The second stage needs to be an overhauling of the sentencing guidelines. In the case of sex offenders, how about a one strike and you are out deal?

You can listen to the entire discussion here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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