I swear that these shows get more bizarre with every passing week. I have reached the stage where nothing surprises me any more. You just learn to roll with the punches!

I have to admit that I was a little concerned this morning, there really was not much hard news pouring out of Putnam County about the Haleigh Cummings case. Law Enforcement has been rather tight lipped. In fact so tight lipped that the only real news is from what we in the press (and there are only three organizations that are still on the story) can dredge up through the back door, and what the one Private Investigator looking at the case, William “Cobra” Staubs can unearth.

Sure we have our differences of opinion, but for the most part we are a pretty tight group. No one is looking for a headline, but everyone is looking for a solution. If we can resolve this case we will consider that we have done our job. In fact we have a bit of an unwritten rule, when this case does get solved, we are all going to get together.

My script was looking a tad thin as I went on air. Also a couple of guests were missing. Luckily they turned up, and we launched. Our panel this week was Cobra, Ms. Pickles, Denny Griffin, Jan Barrett, and Art Harris.

Last week the big shock was a call in, the bail bondsman that was on site when Cobra took down the accused pedophile William Snodgrass.

This week was even stranger. At around the 45 minute mark we had Kim Picazio call in. Kim Picazio is the attorney representing Haleigh Cummings biological mother Crystal Sheffield. I was surprised that she would call in, I was even more surprised that she would wish to stay around and answer questions. Some of which were fairly complex.

You can listen to the entire show here.

Simon Barrett

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