Our panel this week consisted of the Barrett’s, TJ Hart, Denny Griffin, William “Cobra” Staubs, and Art Harris.

I had a feeling it was going to be a lively program and I was right. A lot is happening in this case, and it is happening very quickly. Sure, it has taken six months, but suddenly the wheels are beginning to fall off the wagon.

Interestingly enough, most of the recent movement has not been (or at least does not appear to have been) engineered by Law Enforcement. The primary players seem to be the ones hell bent on self destruction. Neither Ronald Cummings nor Crystal Shefeild scored any positive points by appearing on the Nancy Grace program this week. Ronald Cummings was so evasive that I doubt that if Nancy Grace had asked him what his name was, she would have got a straight answer!

Crystals performance the following evening was equally appalling. Crystal was not evasive, she just came across as being completely clueless. When asked what time Haleigh got out of school each day, she did not know! This hardly paints a picture of the ideal, (all be it absent) mother.

I watched these two ‘non-interviews’ with interest, clearly the gloss was beginning to flake on Nancy. I am sure that if it were not for the FCC regulations, she would have let them both know exactly what she thought of them.

Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch also had some interesting things to say this week concerning the case.

An as yet unidentified couple living in Massachusetts were interviewed by Florida Law Enforcement officials on Saturday.

So, with this background, we went on air. I think it would be fair to say it was an interesting 90 minutes. Did we learn anything new? This is a question often leveled at me. I would say, yes we did. While all of us panelists talk together regularly, it is infrequent that we get to pool all of the information.

Denny Griffin started one line of questioning, and before you could say  Satsuma, a whole lot of information started to jell. The PCSO has all but exonerated Ronald Cummings, but maybe they are wrong. There are a number of aspects to Ronald’s story that cause a lot more questions to be asked.

Those questions begin at 3am when he clocked out from work.

It was interesting to put together everyones research, and the result was thought provoking.

Most people are focused on Misty Croslin-Cummings as holding the key to Haleigh’s abduction, and indeed I subscribe to the school of thought that she does know a lot more than what she is sharing. However, I also believe that Ronald Cummings knows a whole lot more than what he is telling.

Here is the dilemma, Ron and Misty have a dust up at 8:30pm on the cell phones, the issue is over something trivial, Misty wants to babysit the following evening, Ron does not want her to. Who were the kids? Early reports had them as family, maybe nephews, but, like so much else with this case, that trail went cold. The upshot of the argument was that Misty turned her phone off at 8:30pm.

At 3am Ron leaves work. He drives to a convenience store and buys beer, smokes, peanuts, and whatever. Then he drives home to discover that Haleigh is missing.

As Art Harris and Cobra pointed out, to get to the store, you had to drive right by the house! Why would Ron not have gone home first?

You can listen to the whole program here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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