We will be running our regular Sunday radio program at 3pm central (4pm Eastern). Our panel will be Simon & Jan Barrett, TJ Hart of WSKY 97.3, investigator William Cobra Staubs, and crime writer Denny Griffin. Once again, it has been an interesting week in the case.

The search for Haleigh Cummings is now well into its 8th month. Nerves are fraying everywhere you look. And I do mean everywhere!

Misty Croslin and Ronald Cummings apparently are now divorced. According to Fox News, the divorce was finalized a mere two days after it was filed. That stretches my imagination, but if Fox says so…..

On HLN’s Nancy Grace show (which alas has become the news version of the WWE) guest Mark Klass made some less than flattering comments about Tim Miller and his Equusearch organization.

Lisa, mother of Haleigh Cumming’s  stepmom Misty (yes I know this gets complicated) is back in Putnam County, after being extradited from Tennessee.

Did Ronald Cummings threaten Misty Croslin with a loaded shotgun? Did he jam the gun in his own mouth? Did Ronald Jr. witness this? Did he or Misty admit this to Tim Miller?

What is Donna Brock’s real involvement? What about the ‘road rage’ story? Was that a set up? I for one think that there are some very interesting connections between the people involved. It certainly makes me wonder if a certain journalist might have set this up as a way to clear a corporate credit card debt for some plastic surgery?

What is the story between Cobra and Kim?

Was an Emmy winning journalist paid to cover the case by a private party? While there is nothing illegal about this, the word ‘ETHICS’ screams at you.

We will be talking about all of this, and much more on Sunday. Point your browser at www.blogtalkradio.com a few minutes before 3pm central on Sunday October/18, you will see the program on the front page, alternatively you can save this link. As always we will be taking listener’s calls.

See you all on Sunday.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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