We will be running our regular call in Talk Radio show on Blog Talk Radio on Sunday June/28 at 3pm Central.

As always I cannot accurately predict who will be on the panel but I am hoping for the regular group, the Barrett’s, Ms. Pickles, TJ Hart, Art Harris, Cobra Staubs, and Denny Griffin.

There is plenty to talk about this week and I am sure the major topic is going to the the search of Marie Griffis’ property on Friday. I will be interested in hearing from the panel what the motivations were to conduct this extensive dig, also how, if at all it has moved the search for Haleigh Cummings forward. I know TJ asked Crystal Shefield’s lawyer Kim Pacazio for a comment and the reply was that the Shefield family had requested the search. To me this makes little sense, but then again very little about this case makes much sense.

I for one thought that even though the search was fruitless the mere fact that it occurred would have garnered the attention of the media. Much to my surprise it did not. Both HLN and CNN seem fixated on the death of Michael Jackson rather than the fate of little Haleigh Cummings.

As always our phone lines will be open and we invite listeners to call in with your questions and comments. Incidentally for the past several months our Sunday radio program has been the #1 rated show in the category on News on Blog Talk Radio. This is quite an achievement as they host nearly a thousand shows each day. We are also pleased to share with you that this week we hit 30,000 listens to the recorded programs! We may not be rivaling American Idol, but for Internet Radio we are doing great, and it is all because of you, our listeners.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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