We will be running our weekly look at the sad and frustrating mystery surrounding the disappearance of  Florida tot Haleigh Cummings. This little girl was ‘snatched’ from the same room that her baby sitter, now step mom, Misty Croslin was sleeping in! I have to admit that this idea makes my mind boggle!

We have now crossed the 5 month mark in this case. Little has been resolved, and Law Enforcement are less than forthcoming with information. For the first three weeks they held daily Press Conferences, those have evaporated into a complete void.

Even respected journalists are starting to grumble at the lack of information. Inquiries are conveniently lost or forgotten, phone calls are not returned. This vacuum of information has created a very unhealthy environment. Speculation runs rampant, and is fueled by this lack of information.

The small group of journalists still covering the story are facing an increasing barrage of nonsense. Rather than being able to move the case forward we find ourselves more in a janitorial mode, cleaning up the absurdity being dished out.

As always, our panel is a bit of an unknown till the show happens. I am hoping that most of the regulars will be around, TJ Hart, Art Harris, Cobra Staubs, Ms. Pickles, Denny Griffin, and Jan and Simon Barrett.

As always we will be welcoming our listeners questions and comments. The link to show is here, or you can just go to www.blogtalkradio.com a few minutes before 3pm on Sunday July/12 3pm Central and click on the front page link.

Much of this weeks action has been behind the scenes. For a variety of reasons, not least sanity, most of us have opted to take a ‘hands off’ approach. It will be interesting to see what happens ‘on air’.

There is one thing that our small group can agree on (and trust me, there are few things), we are dedicated to bringing Haleigh Cummings home. One of those few things we do agree on is that there is someone who knows what happened 5 months ago. Why not come forward? Talk to one of us, call anonymously, but call.

Someone holds the key to the story. That key may not be held by Ron, Misty or Crystal, but someone has it. The ‘stranger abduction’ holds about as much water as a leaky roof. The answer is out there, we just have to find it.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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