It was an interesting program as always. The panel Consisted of the Barrett’s, William “Cobra” Staubs, and Denny Griffin.

We started off with a quick update on the Caylee Anthony case. In particular the hearing last Friday. Little by little we are beginning to understand the defense strategy, clearly Baez wants to point the finger at everyone except his client Casey Anthony. It is a risky legal strategy, and one that could easily backfire.

Next we moved onto the Haleigh Cummings case. The bulk of the discussion concerned the events of Monday Aug/17, the sixth birthday of the missing little girl. The family tried, and for the most past was successful in raising public interest in the case by holding a couple of events.

Mark NeJame and Tim Miller took the opportunity to step into the lime light to announce that Tim Miller’s Equuserch were going to return to the Satsuma area to search again for the missing girl. But, and it is a big BUT, this will not be happening for 6 to 8 weeks. Tim’s group while occasionally looking for live missing children, is more often associated with recovering the dead. As the panel agreed, now that 6 months have elapsed, it is unlikely that Tim Miller is returning with the prospect of finding a live child.

The most significant event on Monday though, was the Press Release from Law Enforcement. It is carefully worded, and in my mind, while clearly turning the heat up on Misty, does not totally clear Ronald Cummings or Crystal Shefield, they left some wriggle room in their use of language.

Cobra brought up an interesting inconsistency in an interview that was aired 10 days after Haleigh Cummings disappeared. It concerns Mrs. Sykes visit at 7pm on the night of the disappearance. I will stage up the video as soon as I can locate the link in my email.

The entire program can be listened to here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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