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Last Monday was a very busy day in the Haleigh Cummings case. The family celebrated her 6th birthday as a way to generating some media and citizen awareness, Mark NeJame (of Casey Anthony fame) held a press conference announcing that Tim Miller and his Equusearch team are once again going to be heading for Satsuma to search for Haleigh Cummings.

The NeJame announcement in my mind was little than posturing for media attention though. The timing was brilliant, the one day in the past few months that the main stream media would pay attention to the case. Every news organization would be talking about the family releasing balloons, and collecting school supplies. Although these events have no direct bearing on finding Haleigh, just having her name in the headlines might just jog someones memory.

NeJame’s announcement sounded great! Tim Miller and his people hitting the ground, sounds great. But, and there is a huge BUT, these searches are not going to start for at least 6-8 weeks! To me this press conference sounded more like a fund raising event than anything else. The official reason for the delay is so that the summer plant growth will have stopped. You decide which story works?

There is also the thorny question of why Tim Miller left the first time that he searched for Haleigh Cummings. There are several credible versions. The one that did the rounds on several MSM sites was that Putnam County told him to stop. Funny, when you research this angle, you hit a brick wall pretty quick. There is another story that is all about money, there was a $20,000 donation waiting for him in the Carolinas, but it had a lime limit on it. Search now, or don’t come. With these two scenarios being the mainstay, a number of variations have floated around, none of which have been proved, but all have certain aspects that give one pause for thought.

The really big news on Monday was not Balloons or a posturing lawyer, it was the press release from Law Enforcement. It said so much, in so few words, it was a masterpiece of composition. Law Enforcement have kept pretty tight lipped on their findings so far. The content of Mondays release came as no surprise, but it cemented what we had thought for months.

Earlier in the week I had a conversation with TJ Hart, news director of The Sky 97.3 (Gainsville, FL), this Press Release holds an important message. Ron did not do it, Crystal did not do it, Misty likely did not do it, but holds the key. You can listen to our conversation here.

A subject that crops up in almost every discussion surrounding this case is DRUGS. Drugs have become an insidious part of our lives, their tentacles reach far. Although not directly associated with the Haleigh Cummings case we are putting on a program tomorrow to discuss drugs in America. Tune in, you might learn a lot.

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Simon and Jan Barrett

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