As predicted it was a lively 90 minutes of discussion. The panel consisted of the Barrett’s, TJ Hart, Denny Griffin, William Cobra Staubs, and Art Harris. With a line up like that who needs CNN 🙂

Jan kicked the program off with a quick update on two other cases that we have been following, Caylee Anthony and Adji Desir. It appears that the prosecution in the Caylee Anthony case may have made a blunder and inadvertently destroyed a key piece of evidence. In the search for mentally challenged Adji there seems to be nothing happening. Missing since January this sad story is destined to be a cold case file.

In the search for Haleigh Cummings it has been another busy week. Two jail house letters from Nay Nay Prevat surfaced thanks to the efforts of William Cobra Staubs. Law enforcement has claimed that the first letter was not of value, we in the press disagree. A second letter hit the streets yesterday and adds some further collaboration evidence. We are still waiting for Law Enforcement to comment.

Also this week a mysterious woman dressed in hospital scrubs dropped off an anonymous tip at a newspaper office. Who was the woman? The police are not saying, however, off the record TJ Hart has some interesting leads, I am sure that we will be hearing more about this woman and more importantly her background in coming days.

Tommy Croslin bonds out, and Lisa Croslin takes his spot in jail! Boy this is a strange family!

You can catch up on all of the news by listening to the recorded program. Click here to access it.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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