We will be running our regular look back on the last seven days in the search for Haleigh Cummings. It has been another busy week with more jail recording being released of Ronald Cummings, Misty Croslin, Tommy Croslin, and Donna Brock.

Do these tapes help find Haleigh? In a word no. What these tapes do reveal is the type of people that Haleigh was being brought up around.

It is clear that these miscreants are all about ‘ME, ME, AND MORE ME’.

The biggest disappointment in the tapes that were released was that the audio quality of the Donna Brock conversations is so poor as to render them useless other than the 18 seconds that Nancy Grace played ad-nauseum this week.

Here we are days later and I can honestly say that we have still not gone through all of the material in any real depth. The one thing that is very clear though are that there are some very curious dynamics at work between the players.

The Croslin’s seem particularly fractured and at each others throats. I am sure that HLN have copies of the DVD’s yet they seem to be leaving this aspect well alone. I wonder why? The dynamics between between Hank, Tommy, and Misty are a thing of amazement.

On Friday TJ Hart and I decided to run one of our ad-hoc sessions, our plan was to talk about the content of the DVD’s that were released. We both received a request from William Cobra Staubs asking that we include him in the program. Both TJ and I class Bill as a good friend and we did include him in the program. I know that some people did not agree with our decision, and indeed it did mean that we were unable to cover some of the aspects of the released tapes that we had hoped to, I feel that I should defend my decision.

Bill knows as much if not more about the first few days of the case than anyone other than the  PCSO. He knows all of the players, even those far out on the edges. I do not always agree with Bill in his choices of technique, but I do know that he usually is on the right track.

Bill is frustrated, his appearance on Friday’s program does not signal his reinsertion into the case. In my opinion he needed to blow off some steam, and I offered the venue. Both Jan and I were saddened by some of the comments and emails received. Bill is not the enemy, the enemy is whoever took Haleigh Cummings!

Our panel tomorrow will be Simon and Jan Barrett, the the News and Programming Director for WSKY 97.3 out of Gainsville Florida TJ Hart, the Crime Doctor – author and crime writer Denny Griffin, and investigative journalist Levi Page.

We have loads to talk about, so this is going to be a very busy program. To listen in just point your browser to www.blogtalkradio.com a few minutes before 3pm central and you will see the link to the live feed on the main page.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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