We will be running our regular Sunday exploration into the very strange case of Haleigh Cummings. I am sure that in certain circles our interest in this case is most unwelcome. Clearly someone knows something, yet the Investigators are coming up blank at the moment. We hope that in some small way we can change that.

Tomorrows panel will be Simon and Jan Barrett, ace reporter TJ Hart, Investigator William Cobra Staubs, and investigative journalist Levi Page.

We have a number of items to talk about this week. On the last program I brought up the subject of the Haleighbug Benefit Concert that Sam Watkins and his group put on in Austin, Texas. Sam and I have talked a couple of times this week. And even though I think the air has been cleared as to the how, what, and when, in an article that I published earlier, he has agreed to be a guest on the show. I think it is important to hear from Sam, and I am very much looking forward to talking to him.

Kim Picazio has reason to celebrate, this one-time attorney for Crystal Sheffield had been accused of professional misconduct while representing Crystal, the Florida Bar association has cleared her of any such actions. Of course, having a bunch of Foxes, clearing a Vixen of raiding the hen house does not look like a particularly great way of conducting investigations, but that is just my opinion! Her conflicting comments about Crystal and drugs still have me confused. I have not had time (yet) to investigate every avenue, but as I recall Picazio maintained a consistent ‘no drugs in Crystal, we have the drug test results’ policy until the bar complaint was filed. Oh, and several news organizations have requests in with the Florida Bar Association for the file, will it surface? Probably not.

We do know the identity of the anonymous ‘blogger’ mentioned in the complaint, and we are hoping that at some point the Blogger will talk to us about the allegations.

Actually, the events of the past few days have made me point my radar at the Sheffield side of the camp. While Misty Croslin and Ronald Cummings have taken much of the heat over the past several months, oh, and that heat was well deserved. But, you have to at some point take a step back and look at some other other avenues, unlikely though they may be. Crystals a bit of a strange person to understand. From the data I have it seems that she lost the custody battle for the children because she basically did not show up in court! While she claimed no knowledge of the hearing, the facts do not seem to bear witness to this. Some might argue that Crystal had a strong motive, actually 12,000 motives for Haleigh’s removal. Personally I don’t buy that one, and I am certain that PCSO do not either.

In my opinion there seems to be small yet telling statements that Crystal has made that leads me to believe that she really did not have much to do with Haleigh period. A great example of that was an interview with Nancy Grace. Crystal was asked what time Haleigh normally got home from school. She had no idea what time school got out, nor what time Haleigh got home. It is a small thing, yet in my mind a telling aspect of their relationship.

I had a conversation with a colleague earlier this week, the lack of progress recently is depressing. It would seem that without some significant breakthrough soon, Haleigh Cummings is destined to become a dusty file in some anonymous storage room. We do however believe that that missing jigsaw puzzle piece is already known, it is somewhere in the thousands of pages of documents and statements that the various agency’s have amassed. It his hiding in plain sight, but where?

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Simon and Jan Barrett

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