BNN will be running our regular radio program on Sunday July 26 at 3pm Central. Once again the focus will be on the frustrating Haleigh Cummings case. Haleigh has been missing for almost 6 months, how much longer do we all need to wait for a resolution.

Our panel is still being finalized but will include, the Barrett’s, TJ Hart, Cobra Staubs, and Denny Griffin.

To tune into the show point your browser at a few minutes before 3pm central and you will see the link to listen to the program on the front page. Alternatively you can use this link.

I know that one of the topics that is going to be discussed is some malicious activity that occurred online this week, that resulted in law Enforcement being forced to waste valuable time and manpower on a wild goose chase.

We in the press have been a little frustrated with the lack of progress that Law Enforcement appear to be making in finding Haleigh Cummings. But just because they do not share a lot of information does not mean that they are not diligently searching for Haleigh Cummings. They have received and followed up on close to 5000 tips, but none have proved to be the key. I know I speak for the panel in saying that we will not drop this case until Haleigh Cummings is found. By keeping the spotlight on this little girl we hope to keep the heat on whoever has her. Someone somewhere knows something!

If you are that someone, set up an anonymous email account and contact one of us. All we want is Haleigh Cummings found.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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