My favorite author is John Le Carre and my favorite character in literature is George Smiley. Smiley is an unassuming man, badly dressed, overlooked, but has a mind sharper than a Katana sword. He plays in the murky world of espionage, looks at the facts, and un-facts and reveals the truth.

The same is true for a few of us in the news profession. There is a famous quote, there are three versions to every story, there is yours, there is mine, and there is the truth. Often our version is colored by our attachment to one side or the other. Whoever came out with the idea that the press is neutral must have been on some great drugs!

The Haleigh Cummings case has brought out the worst in some people. Agenda’s are everywhere. For weeks I have had a sense that certain commenter’s have had an agenda. It has been a source of discussion between Jan and I. Often it is easy to spot, sometimes it is more subtle. But the agenda is there.

It was a slow news day so we decided to talk to some of our fellow press friends about the Haleigh Cummings case. Oh my, the same names kept cropping up. There are plenty of stories out there, but BNN has honed in on just a few credible ones.

The tot is still missing, and there are few of us in the media still covering the story. This case has produced a polarized reaction from our readers. Clearly there are people that for one reason or another would prefer that us press types would shut up. It used to be easy, news was limited to a small area. If you had access to the local press, you could control what they reported. Times have changed. It is impossible to shut the press up, we are too big. The Internet has created a news monster.

Of course it does not mean that manipulation is not rampant. There are some folks that would like nothing better than for BNN to drop our interest in the Haleigh Cummings case. A stupid and absolutely assanine move is to mess with the press, because if you mess with one you end up messing with them all. Yet we seem to have a situation where a certain attorney is trying to change our readers opinions by inserting (paid) Bloggers. It is amusing when you talk to several people, and you get the same answers. Same people, same agenda. They change their email addresses, but they cannot change their IP.

I thought that maybe it was just me, but a few phone calls reveals a very interesting story. The same names came up, time and time again. My friends are sharp cookies, it took no time at all to come up with one name behind this scheme.

I won’t even bother to identify the witch, but I will say this, you will need to find some new trolls, we are all onto the current ones.

It would be more constructive if all this effort was put into finding Haleigh Cummings, rather than trying to cause trouble online? Even the little trolls, oh lets call them Kim-Bits could be better employed doing useful things.

Simon Barrett

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