I think that the answer to that question is a resounding YES. Although last nights arrest of Hank Thomas Croslin Jr may not seem intrinsic in the case, it actually might be a catalyst to something bigger. Last Sunday TJ made a comment on the radio program that I did find humorous, but it also contained a wealth of information “there are so many Croslin’s under the bus, they are getting tangled around the axle”. Well here goes another one!

What has been reported is that Hank Jr. was in possession of firearms, one in particular was stolen. Mere possession violates the Restraining Order that his younger sister Misty obtained against him. What has not been reported are the circumstances surrounding this arrest. I have had my ear close to the ground, and I do not think this is the appropriate time to discuss the circumstances, but if my sources are correct, the fireworks are just beginning.

Hank Thomas Croslin Jr is being held on a $50,004 bond, this is likely a little more than he has in his checking account. In fact it has been said that he and his wife were getting ready to relocate to Massachusetts, and to facilitate the move had been having a Yard Sale. Presumably now his wife is having a Bail Sale!

Now the question is, how long will he be sitting in an overcrowded jail? I would not wish to try and out guess Law Enforcement, but I am sure they would like him to sit tight for a while. Nothing beats a little suffering and denial to loosen up the vocal chords.

The Croslin family have pretty much left Putnam, his father and mother scooted to Tennessee last weekend, that really only leaves his younger sister Misty. I doubt that Misty has $5k to plonk down to spring Hank Thomas, and I seriously doubt that Ronald Cummings would permit her to do so. Ratgate is still a factor!

Yesterday I published an article about the Dirty Half Dozen. Does Hank Thomas Croslin Jr deserve a place at the high table? Does Hank Jr hold another piece in this Jigsaw Puzzle?

I will leave you with some questions to ponder, and please think long and hard about them.

Who owned the gun that Hank Thomas Croslin Jr had in his possession?

Why did LE suddenly have an interest in Hank Thomas Croslin Jr?

What brought about the arrest?

Where did the arrest take place?

When will someone fess up the bond and get him out of jail?

The five ‘W’s! It is always important to consider them. Those five little words can reveal a great deal of information. Each one opens a Pandora’s Box.

Simon Barrett

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