What is interesting in following the Haleigh Cummings case is how the net casts wider and wider with each passing week. The little girl is still missing, and the PCSO have declared the case a homicide. The three most likely suspects sit behind bars, father Ronald Cummings, his girlfriend/baby sitter/wife/ex wife Misty Croslin and her brother Tommy Croslin. None face charges related to the disappearance or suspected murder of Haleigh Cummings, but rather they face decades behind bars for charges related to drug trafficking.

We received some information today that we have been trying all day to verify. No one seems to want to step up to the plate, but no one is denying the story.

Charles (Chuck) Ingram is a bail bondsman in Palatka. His involvement in the Haleigh Cummings case is on the periphery, his company posted bail for many of the ancillary players in the case. His company was also the one that handed over the Snodgrass file to William Cobra Staubs, a file that created havoc for Cobra. He is still trying to dig his way out.

Chuck Ingram is no friend of Cobra’s, last October Cobra issued a written statement which in part says:

Now to understand the motives behind this, we must look at the accusers, for lack of the proper words to call them. The first is the office of Chucks Bail bonds where sits most of the time, convicted sexual predator Chuck Ingram with his wife and writing agent dale Ingram. We shot a good deal of film on them and they know what will happen if that film reaches the State of Florida.

The news on the street is that today Chuck Ingram was picked up under federal gun charges.  As I said, we have no official verification, but I have not found a single source to refute the statement. We are hoping to have documentary proof early tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned, this case gets stranger and stranger.

UPDATE: 11:00am – http://www.bloggernews.net/124715

Simon Barrett

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