I know that my stories about people throwing themselves and their family members under the proverbial bus are likely grating on a few readers. Well folks, its another bus story! Alas the room under the bus seems endless. It is not just the family members, everyone remotely involved seems to have a reservation. I spend time there, TJ Hart has been known a quick nap, Art Harris is acutely aware of the underside of this bus. Nancy Grace knows the accommodations better than her own house! Touch the Haleigh Cummings story, touch trouble! I have made some great friends, and great enemies as a result of reporting on this story. One of the friends is without doubt Bill, or as he known to you, Cobra. Yes he is a little rough around the edges, but who isn’t? He is welcome in my house any day!

I have not edited, or otherwise fiddled with his comments.

I was disappointed, and disturbed when Bill seemed to be on the receiving end. He has a 9am court appearance tomorrow. It is easy to make judgment, I however prefer to take everything into account. With Bill’s permission I publish his statement:

To clear up part of the story, the Putnam County Sheriffs office is not after me, they never were. An complaint was filed by a person on bond that stated he was falsely imprisoned by me and the investigation began. Of course the company that handed me the paper work said they never told me to pick the guy up and the insurance representatives said they never told me to pick the guy up. So the police turned the case over to the prosecute to see what if any laws were broken. It was sent back and not filed.

Some two months later, it was refilled and this time a warrant was issued for my arrest. I turned myself in and now an attending court as directed by the judge.

Now to understand the motives behind this, we must look at the accusers, for lack of the proper words to call them. The first is the office of Chucks Bail bonds where sits most of the time, convicted sexual predator Chuck Ingram with his wife and writing agent dale Ingram. We shot a good deal of film on them and they know what will happen if that film reaches the State of Florida.

The second player in this is Bail agent 328 or better know as Ronald Ruteicicz who was quick to give a sworn statement to the police and then gone on at least one radio show and countless blogs offering his eye witness account of the happening’s. He promptly stopped once he found out that I knew he perjured himself and did so on a show just like this, in fact this one. It turns out that every word he said on the scene was captured by my silent witness and he even knew we were filming as he said I instructed someone via telephone to erase the tapes. No one erased the tapes, sorry Ronald. He made a false swearing to the police and that is enough to loose his license.

So there are two companies that if the state up holds the administrative rule, they are out of business. Now where where we, oh yes, now the next person is Roger Capener who happens to be the general Agent for Chucks Bail Bond and for several other agents across Florida. Another agent he is directly involved with is Joe Huston, aka Teflon Joe or honey bun man. Joe is a good guy and for over ten years or so I have brought back fugitives for him. Since this case begun, we have located a few fugitives for the exact same bunch after me, as an investigator and under radar, I was responsible for locating some 40 to 50 thousand dollars in skips, for the meager pay of 400.00. Now if I had my license, the pay would have been closer to 4000.00 dollars. Anyway this Roger guy already has his hands full with Joe as one of Joe’s charges is having a convicted felon in one of his offices. And who gives the paper to Joe to write? Who is the responsible party? Yep Roger Capener. So he has two convicted persons in his agents offices.

Now I know a lot of the shaky business that this crew has done in other counties such as collier and lee and a few others. Any time an agent such me or Joe charged with a crime, the state suspends the agent and conducts their own investigation. Now here I am on the inside and have the potential to interrupt a 20 to 50 million dollar enterprise….wonder what would motivate Rogers testimony? Now that is just 20 to 50 million in bonds per year with one agent, he has control over a bunch more.

Now if you must protect someone, they would protect an agent bringing that volume in and a guy like me who does not bring in work, but rather brings back the defendant, I am kinda of a negative cost to them and not worth saving as like he said I am a loose canon, so I better not be able to testify, huh?

As to C. E. Parish the partner or boss to Roger, he must ride along. He had to protect that crew as it would have negative results if not. Oh yea, I do agree with one of CE’s statements, “this has been a big misunderstanding with all this communication going on.” that can be found on the you-tube video. The silent witness tapes have not been released yet, oh but when they are, that should about end the lies and deception.

I have made my self ready to testify against them at the state level as the administrative rule is that they could all loose their bail bond license, and they should. We are incuraging all the counties prosecutors and the state to look a lot closer into the activities of these folks. It ain’t about a few hundred hony buns any more.

The ironic thing is Simon, I never would have said anything as those crimes were not any of my business. Now they are!

Ok, if I have not lost you so far, How did this get to this stage in Putnam as the Bond company cannot make charges or arrest me… Well that is where it gets real interesting. Remember the prosecutor did not file on the first go round as I had not begun to formaly investigate Crystal and her family yet. When I did I was told by relatives of Crystal that the child Haleigh may not belong to Ronald but rather her high school sweetheart Robbie Middleton.

I was told by family members where I could locate Mr. Middleton and found that he had a brother in the prosecutors office, none other that Chris Middleton who is an investigator for the prosecutor and also one of the four gentlemen I met at the Bi-Lo store to discuss files that I had on several people. Sometimes, you just got to know who is connected to who, otherwise you can piss of the wrong folks.

Was this a rush to prosecution? I don’t know all the answers yet, but it sure makes for an interesting case. I suggest some of the other prosecutors look into the activities of the bail bond folks and maybe they will find the truth, I mean, that is what they do right?

How about that?

UPDATE: 9:15 Oct.12 I just got off the phone with Cobra, he drove all the way to Putnam County for a 5 minute court session. The trial date has been set for December/14.It was also announced that they are bringing in a ‘special prosecutor’, not surehow to interpret that aspect -Simon

Simon Barrett

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