William Cobra Staubs is yet another victim in the search for Haleigh Cummings. It does not seem to matter what he does, or has done, at every turn he faces adversity. As he has pointed out many times, all he was trying to do was find a missing child.

Cobra has agreed to do an interview with me to discuss the legal tangle he now finds himself in. I do not believe that most people quite understand what the case is really all about, this interview will hopefully clear up all of the misunderstandings.

This will also be an opportunity to learn a great deal about the inner workings of the bail bond industry. It is quirky to say the least. The rules and regulations are compendious and confusing.

I believe this will be a lively adventure and one that will surprise a few people.

I will be talking with Cobra at 1pm central, 2pm eastern today Oct/13 on BTR. To tune in, point your browser at www.blogtalkradio.com a few minutes before the show, you will see the link to it on the front page.

Simon Barrett

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